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What we aim for

D reams do come true, specially for those who aim higher. Terranova Development Group was founded in 2001 by long time partners Joseph P. McCloskey and Luis E. Pérez Pagán, from a common desire to get things done in the most innovative way. Right from the beginning they wanted to break barriers in the housing arena to build in a way never seen before in the Island.

We adapt to the needs of modern life, bringing solutions that enhance the quality of life for our clients, fulfilling today's and anticipating tomorrow's lifestylesPartners Joseph P. McCloskey and Luis E. Pérez Pagán have modeled their careers to the development of residential properties that exceed a clients expectations. "We dedicate long hours to the creative process of each housing development and we really think hard about quality control", explains McCloskey. Proof of this working philosophy can be found in the innovative and exclusive communities Terranova has developed in Cidra, Ponce and Cayey.

The company, with offices are located at 561 Hillside Street in Summit Hills, San Juan, is currently working on multi-family units with price tags that exceed half a million dollars and single family units, with prices starting from a little over a quarter million dollars.


Terranova Development is always in search of new horizons. Although in constant evolution, we never lose perspective of our roots as we focus on going beyond expectations. Versatile, innovative, futuristic are the terms that best describe our development philosophy.


Terranova's mission is to help create housing alternatives that offer luxury living at its best. We plan to fulfill the expectations of a sophisticated and demanding clientele in each and every project we manage. Our primary goal is to be proud of the spaces we create, where people can enjoy life with the environment playing a major role in their lifestyles.

Who we are

I t is with great pride that we conceived and develop marketing and sale strategies to provide the Puerto Rican family with a place where they can satisfy their needs to nurture their family and social values. As well as giving them open spaces to grow and experience the magnificent natural beauty this Island has to offer. Our goal is to create an ambiance that nurtures family life, design open spaces with a practical sense, charm and beauty and creating a home where family living at its best can be exemplified.

We are extremely honored to be part of a team that includes engineers, architects, interior designers, marketing and sales professionals that offers Puerto Rico magnificent developments. It is with great pleasure that we invite our visitors to discover Terranova's legacy.